guinea pigs sounds and body language


  • Grunts, gurgles, squeaks This means contentment, comfort, contact with other guinea pigs through the sound they make.
  • Squeals, shrieks This sound can be a warning, young's cry of loneliness, pain or fear
  • Squeals, wheeting This means that they want food or are seeking your attention.
  • Cooing This sound is usually used for reassurance, usually uttered to young
  • Rumbles This sound can be a warning, dislike of an action or sound
  • Hisses, teeth clacking This mean that your guinea pig is going to be aggressive or he's threatening opponent or it's a warning
  • Rattling, rumbling This is the arousal sounds for both male and female or lower rank female greeting a higher rank female

Body Language

  • Stretches head forward This means watchfulness
  • "Popcorns" High spirits
  • Stretches Comfort, relaxation
  • Shows teeth with mouth open This is used by females to deter advances from a male, and by both sexes as a threatening posture
  • Rising up with legs stiffened Threatening
  • Touching noses Sniffing contact