guinea pigs diet

imageThe correct diet for Guinea Pigs is composed of concentrates mostly in pellet form, which you can buy from pet shops, together with vegetables, fruit, hay and water. For a good diet always:

  • Wash all green food and thaw out any frozen roots before feeding.
  • Try to vary the ingredients every day.
  • Give your cavy only fresh food and remove spoiled portions.
  • Always make sure that the hay is free of thistles which can damage your Guinea Pig's little mouths. Hay is very important for their diet it's because it helps with their digestion and keeps their gastrointestinal tract functioning well. Hay also helps to keep their teeth ground down although guinea pigs can still develop malocclusion regardless of how much hay they eat.

Vitamin C deficiency Guinea Pigs regularly need a lot of vitamin C. If they don't get enough vitamin C they will lose weight and form, their limb joints become enlarged and painful because of internal haemorrhages, they are weak and lame and sooner or later die. The symptoms occur as early as two weeks after shortage of Vitamin C.