acquiring your guinea pig

Before you buy a guinea pig ask yourself these questions and then answer them to see if you are capable and committed to own a guinea pig.

  • Are you committed enough to look after the animal or animals for 365 days a year, not just for the first week or two before the novelty wears off?
  • What about holidays? What will you do then with the guinea pig/s?
  • Do you know about guinea pigs needs for housing, exercise, feeding?
  • Will you be able to provide enough space for guinea pigs that love company?
  • Do you know whether they smell and can you, day in, day out, combat all odours by regular cleaning, replacement of bedding and general hygienic measures?
  • How long do you expect your guinea pig to live?
  • Are there any dogs or cats in the household which might taken an unhealthy interest in your guinea pig/s?
  • Do you know where apart from this site to obtain information on the successful keeping of the guinea pig/s you have in mind?