guinea pigs food

imageGuinea pigs are vegeterians and require a constant source of vitamin C. Like humans, the great apes, the fruit bat and the red-vented bulbul bird guinea pigs cannot manufacture this themselves and so must have it provided in the diet. Without enough vitamin C guinea pigs will show signs of illness and young guinea pigs lacking in the vitamin will grow slowly. In adults, a deficiency will increase the likelihood of skin or respiratory disease, it will also slow the healing of skin wounds.

Other essential elements in the guinea pig’s diet are vitamins E and K which is present in hay. Hay must be given to them so to stop them from eating their bedding or chewing each other’s hair.

Vitamin C deficiency Guinea Pigs regularly need a lot of vitamin C. If they don't get enough vitamin C they will lose weight and form, their limb joints become enlarged and painful because of internal haemorrhages, they are weak and lame and sooner or later die. The symptoms occur as early as two weeks after shortage of Vitamin C.

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