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Guinea Pigs Club

Guinea Pigs Club Changes Look
After 2 years online we at guinea pigs club decided to revamp the look of the site and design a new logo which looks fresher and younger. Hope you like our new site and we’ll be looking forward for anyone’s feedback.
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FREE Guinea Pig E-Cards
As an improvement, on our new site we added the facility of sending free guinea pig e-cards to your friends and relatives. We’ll be adding more FREE e-cards soon!
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15% SALE on our NEW logo Products
To celebrate our new look we decided to launch our new merchandizing  with a 15% discounted price, you can find guinea pig food bowls, t-shirts, school stuff and much much more
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New Photo Gallery System
For all of you who sent us your nice guinea pig pictures we would like to thank you and also notice every that some of the links to the pages has changed. If you have any questions or just want to send us your guinea pigs photos just send us an email on
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Share your Guinea Pig Videos with us
First of all we would like to thank everyone who sent us his guinea pig videos, and we would like to excuse ourselves if someone sent his video and is not online. Please if so just resend the video on anyone is welcome to send us his videos.
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Nail clipping Your Guinea Pig
Cavies' nails grow in a similar fashion to our own. In the wild, just running on hard ground and scratching for their food would wear the nails down.
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