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Guinea Pigs Club Malta

First of all thanks to all our visitors because without you this site would be nothing. Secondly in this month’s newsletter we are launching a new GAME, a new FREE SCREEN SAVER with our visitor’s guinea pigs pictures and soon we’re going to launch our NEW ONLINE SHOP.

Albert Saliba

Guinea Pigs Pirates Online Game

Guineapigsclub.com launched a new game called Guinea Pigs Pirates, the game is very simple to use and the aim is to shoot cannon balls to Guinea Pigs Pirates balloons.

More about the game:
Hit the guinea pigs pirates balloons with your pirate ship cannon ball so you save your guinea pigs from the pirates.

How to play: To play this game you have to use the mouse to change the direction of your cannon and to shoot use the mouse left click. The more you leave the left click pressed the more power you give to the cannon ball.
To play this game click here

New Screen Saver

As we promised on our last newsletter for Guinea Pig’s club first Birthday we launched a new screensaver with some of our visitors pictures. The response was very good and we would like to thank everyone that helped us by sending pictures.

Unfortunately we couldn’t add all the images we received but the ones that were not used in the screen saver can be viewed on our photo galleries Photo Gallery 1, Photo Gallery 2 and Photo Gallery 3.

We would like to thank:

To download our screen saver visit our downloads page by clicking here. If you would like to send us pictures of your Guinea Pig to add to our photo gallery or for our next screen saver send them on info@guineapigsclub.com

Coming soon…. Online Shop

Next month Guinea Pigs Club will launch its new online shop which will be selling t-shirts, posters, mugs, bumper stickers and much more…

So make sure you visit our site often for new products and promotions.

Guinea Pigs Club Malta
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