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Can guinea pigs eat dog food?


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Can guinea pigs eat dog food?

This is an inquiry that has come up from those guinea pig owners who have dogs too. Could guinea pigs eat hound food? Sadly, the response to this inquiry is entirely straightforward Ė no, they canít. Now, you must be wondering why these little beings canít share plates with dogs. Since guinea pigs are herbivores, they truly can't be given any dogís items whatsoever. They additionally can't eat any meats which dogs nourishments are regularly fond of. Also, they contain grain items that are bad for piggies. So on the off chance that you have a canine and a guinea pig, ensure that their food is gotten well far from one another and guarantee that they are kept on isolated weight control plans.

What do guinea pigs eat?

Since they are herbivores dry hay is the basis of their diet, so it must always be available. Hay is also important for maintaining the correct length of the teeth. If your piggie stops consuming hay thatís an alarm sign. For feeding guinea pigs, original packages of ready-made, granulated food are recommended, which guarantee, above all, a quality and adequate meal for the pet. Ready-made food also contains dried grass, adequate vegetables, and grains. However, it is also recommended to add additional foods. When choosing food for guinea pigs, one should avoid that with nuts and seeds, dried fruits, corn products, products of animal origin, beets, etc.

Pigs and dogs have different digestive systems which is why they canít eat the same type of food. Maybe piggies would sniff around a piece of meat but their small bodies canít tolerate it. One more important thing Ė dogs and guinea pigs have different nutritional needs. High protein and fat are much needed in the dogís diet, but a guinea pigís liver and kidneys wouldnít tolerate that type of food. If you try to give them protein-rich meals, it would most likely cause digestive shock and even death. Even your dogís food doesnít contain meat it is not recommended to give it to your piggie. Guinea pigs canít take rabbit food even they have similar bodies and digestive systems. Why is that? Well, guinea pigs require more vitamin C, therefore, you should include vitamin supplements in their daily diet. Treats or and dry dog food should also be avoided when it comes to guinea piggie nutrition.

What type of food is most important for the healthy life of your loved pet? Besides, the thing that we have already mentioned several types of fresh vegetables (especially greens) and fruits can be part of the daily menu. Greens should make up the main part when it comes to vegetables, and fruits and other vegetables should be given in smaller quantities. Good choices are kale, spinach, turnips, primroses, dandelions. The use of cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower should be avoided or limited, as these vegetables affect the production of gases in the digestive tract. If there are no pesticides, grass or clover can be added freely, especially to developing guinea pigs that need more nutrients. In addition to all of the above, new boxes, twigs, and similar items made of natural materials are needed, which the guinea pig will nibble on. Rodents' teeth grow continuously throughout their lives, so "snacks" must be mandatory on the menu.

To sum up -  pay attention to your guinea pig diet as much as you can. Avoid dog food since it would harm him and cause unnecessary stress. Guinea pigs need a balanced diet high in fiber and full of seed heads. This way he/she will avoid health problems and live a happy and safe life.