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Places You Canít Bring Your Pets


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Places You Canít Bring Your Pets

Pets are what keep us grounded. From our youth, they teach us about friendship, kindness, and responsibility. For a lot of people pets can feel like family, whether they're dogs, cats, guinea pigs or parrots, it makes no difference. Often we have responsibilities to go somewhere and aren't able to leave our pets without care. When this happens we usually get someone to watch them. Sometimes this isn't an option though and we have to take our pets with us wherever we go. This is easier said than done because itís not unusual for pet owners that travel with their pets to run into problems with some places not allowing pets on their premises. Here are some of the places that don't allow pets you might need to know about before you take your next trip.


Almost all casinos out there are not pet-friendly. So if you're thinking of taking a trip to Las Vegas then you might want to call up a friend or family member and entrust your guinea pig in their care. We're not sure why exactly pets aren't allowed in most casinos but if youíre a pet owner who considers their pet their lucky charm, then you might be out of luck. If you're a big casino fan but can't afford to leave your pet with someone then a good option can be visiting one of the many online casinos like and have some well-deserved fun from home.


This one can be a doozy. Hotels are a mixed bag when it comes to pets. Some are pet-friendly to a fault while others won't allow them anywhere near their premises. The reasons for both have some solid arguments backing them but the gist of why some hotels don't allow pets is because of hygiene issues. Some hotel visitors might be allergic to certain animals and this could cause a lot of problems for those customers as hairs, proximity to animals and feces could all be triggering. Another reason why hotels might not allow pets is because of customer complaints. Not everyone is an animal lover, and a lot of people find pets annoying, loud and dirty.Itís good to check in with the hotel before making a reservation and ask if they do or do not allow pets. You can also check up on this online as some hotels have the information on their websites (for a list of pet-friendly hotel chains, you can check out this article


If you ever need to run to the store but can't leave your pet at home then we might have some bad news for you. Most stores don't allow animals inside. Similarly to hotels, the reason for this is the issue of hygiene. Furry critters can be adorable but they can also be messy. Because of certain safety regulations, some stores don't allow pets inside to protect their products and the safety of their customers. This is more common in places where food and clothing are the main products sold.