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from Australia email

 I have a family of 5 piggies that live with me in my room so they get every bit of my attention. I LUV PIGGIES!!! Im so glad that sooo many other people do too!!


from United States email

 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! they r so cute!i have 2 guinea pigs mikey(MY-KEY) and gerard,ones american and ones long haired


from Canada email

 oh guineapigs are the cutest things ever!!!!


from United Kingdom email

 I am guinea pig breeder and own 60 guinea pigs myself, this is a reasonably good site - I don't agree with some of the facts you give but majority of it is quite good.


from Austria email

 i love piggies! this is a good sita


from United States email

 My sister and I love Guinea Pigs so much we made a whole website all about guinea pigs.This website is on my website. My sister's and my website is named:


from USA email

 This is a really nice website! Does anybody know of a place to aquire Guinea Pig Fabric? Thanks!


from United States email

 this site is awesome!! keep up d good work!! cute guinea pigs too. I think my guinea pig even fell in love with one of the piggies on this site!!!


from Canada email

 I have a GUINEA PIG named Doodles and I found the perfect website for my Project on GUINEA PIGS!


from England email

 i really want a guinea pig


from United States email

 i live in monroe and i love my guinea pig and it even gives me kisses on the cheek. thank you rachel

ruth haigh

from England email

 i have 1 guinea pig. my guinea pig and me both love this club! it is number 1 we think

kelli puru

from New Zealand email

 guinea pigs are so cute love there noises


from United Kingdom email

 I love this site. Keep up the good work! I also put this site as one of my favourites - I found all the necessary information for my 3 guinea pigs :) Thanks. Miranda

Harriet J. Brown

from USA email

 My daughter and her family have guinea pigs. They all love them. I need to learn more about them.


from United Kingdom email

 Can anyone tell me why my rabbit is chaseing off my guinea pig, when they used to be friends until the pig become a father?


from United States email

 I love guinea pigsssssssssssss.


from Romania email

 It's very interesning site. Im bookmark it and put on blogroll on my peronal blog.


from Australia email

 i love this website already! i love guinea pigs and now i have a place to learn about them and lots more.THANKS


from Spain email

 hi love this site and gues wat im getting one today