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friends guestbook


emmy ezeorum

from Bermuda email

 i love this site keep it up is very nice and good

Mikey Vincent

from USA email

 Guinea pigs are freindly and a good animale. Their not that hard to care for. Yup yupey yup their a good pet


from Malta email

 Excellent site :) and very informative


from # email

 Great resource. keep it up!!Thanks a lot for interesting discussion, I found a lot of useful information!With the best regards! Alex


from Australia email

 thank you for your info on poisonous foods to guinea pigs. i have 8 of them at home!

Gracie & Lourdes

from United States email

 We would like to know where we can get a baby guinea pig but don't know of any breeders in Miami. We've just logged on to your site right now and we're hoping it has information or links to any of our questions. Thank you so much!!! Ttfn...- 0=-)


from # email

 Great site, I am bookmarking it!Keep it up! With the best regards! Frank

Robin Woodward

from United States email

 I have a guniea pig named Rudy. I never would of thought that they have so much personality or are so smart. I want to learn all I can about them and how to care for them

jenny Reed

from USA email

 Thanks for the tips i will be visiting alot


from # email

 Dear web-master ! I looked your site and I want to say that yor very well made it .All information on this site is represented for users. A site is made professionally. So to hold !


from United Kingdom email

 excellent site and info thanks for the tips you have i will definately use your advise thanks


from United States email

 i never seen this website before frist time on this web site and frist time gunnie pig owner and i have one g pig that is 2 years old and i am getting a brother and sisters babys tommrow and what can u feed g pigs besides there pellites and how long do they live for and is it ture that if u have a femaile g pig u whould have to get a another femail g pig or the one u have wilol die is that ture or not tys mandy here is my email address

Laura Caruana

from Australia email

 I LOVE the website soo much. I showed my guinea pig some of the other pictures of Guinea Pigs and she squealed!! The game's and info is great. I did a project for school and i got all of my info from this website. It is great!!! Regards Laura Caruana


from United Kingdom email

 how long do guinea pigs live for?

Lucky and Smudge

from United Kingdom email

 We luv this site! We are so sweet and one of us is a classified gui, which means you can do ANYTHING! All the wannabe famous guineas out there can now do so at! Come and see our seperate pages! You'll really be famous if you write good and intresting, like us! If you a gui guineas then you are SURE to be popular! Lucky and Smudge xxx


from England email

 I think this webbie is really cool, especially as i loooooooooove guinea pigs!

Dara Killoran

from Canada email

 I got my guinea pig for Chirstmas, he's really great! I named him Junior. He is my 1st pig.

Laura broughton

from England email

 I hope everyone had a fab christmas and for christmas my guinea pigs (bart n homer) got..... a carrot which was a mineral stone in the shape of a carrot and some little fruity things which they like. And it was reallly funny because I got homer out and he watched the whole of Tracy Beaker! xx


from # email

 I have two guinea pigs of my own this site has been really helpful thanks you guys!

Robin west

from United Kingdom email

 Some very good tips, especially bathing and clipping there claws