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friends guestbook


Master Sean Panton

from United Kingdom email

 I have two Guinea Pigs called Montu and Kumba, i am hoping to join a club where i can get fame for them and awards. I am currently setting up an Award Ceremony for all talented Guinea Pigs in Great Britain. I am wondering if there all ready is one?


from USA email

 This is a very fun website. I have one guinea pig named Molly. I used her in my science fair project this year!


from New Zealand email

 this site is very good keep up the good work i am 10 i have 3 ginea pigs they are named spike,soute and poopoomagoo they are all females see ya


from Peru email

 very good!


from Wales email

 have just bought a baby rabbit, fo company for our other rabbit whose mate died a few weeks ago. Found the new rabbit asleep in the guinea pig hutch, all three (rabbit and 2 pigs)snuggled up fast asleep whilst the older rabbit won't go anywhere near her, never mind share a hutch! Good on ya guinea pigs.

Leanney and her pig

from USA email

 I have a brand new geinea pig today!!! he is sooooo cute he has a white belly and a half brown/orange half white head!!!!! He's adorable i think i'll name him Ginger Bread.


from USA email

 hi. i love ur site! now i can be a better owner 2 my guinea pig- Gini Alice Cucu!!! thanx so much!!!


from Belgium email

 Excellent site! thanks for all the information provided.

matthew chambers

from # email

 i am eight and have seen to guinea pigs in a rescue center i have used thiis site to confirm that Millie and Mollie can join me at home and run around with my rabbit cola

sarah witherow

from United States email

 This site has lotd of usful information!

James Graham

from United States email

 hi my nmes is james i have a guinea pig named chuck am going to get another so i can start BREEDING them


from United States email

 Hi Everyone, I just adopted a Guinea pig named Spunky after foster him over the weekend for the PA Humane Society. This site is great and has answered most of my questions, but i still have more. Do the like and can they have thoes tubes from papertowles and tp? And Spunky has pink eyes so should i be carful about light? How carful do i need to be about cold and heat? I have him in a room that tends to be a little cold so i have a box in front of his cage ,should i cover his cage, or totaly move him to another room? Peace, Wendy


from # email

 hi we have had our guinea pig for about 5 years sadly his friend went to guineapig heaven so he now lives in our kitchen ,so he always has company and knows when you go to the fridge,nothing passes him by.

Brenda Ford

from United States email

 Hi , i have 3 guinea pigs and they are so nice to me and talk to. But the reason i am here is i am trying to find out how you can tell a female and male apart? I know i have 2 males but i don't know about the 3 rd one? theirs names are chef and pepper and waiting on find out if she is a she or he for name on my last one. If she is a she i need help nameing her and if he is a he i need a name for him thank you very much.


from United States email

 I just got a quinea pig his name is Lynnie Bubbles. I just got him Friday and when i go and put my hand in his cage to get him he comes staright to me. I have never had a piggy before untill now and I love my Lynnie-Bubbles so much


from England email

 i am thinking of getting a g/pig

Caitie Barlow

from Australia email

 I have 1 Guinea pig and his name is Garfeild. I love him and i am looking for a female so i can bread them. If anyone has a female and wants to get rid of it please email me and leave your details.


from # email

 had one and he died of old age. like to get another one soon.

brenda wertz

from # email

 i had a piggy, but he died of old age. but would like to get another one soon.

Rachel Watkins

from USA email

 I LOVE GUINEA PIGS!!!!! I have 4. Mr. Piggy, Oreo, Maizy and Daisy! I LOVE EM ALLLL!!!!