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from United States email

 i love your web site

jessica winters

from United States email

 i hhcve tow guinea pigs, Scotter and Shadow! i learned that if u hve two guinea pigs there happier becasue when ur gone then they have somebody to plya with. ive learned alot from ur website except what they cant eat i need to know more then just iceberg lettuce,chocolate and onions i mean i love my guinea pigs to shreds i dont want them toi dye im only eleven and there jjst over a year old so i love my guinea pigs more then anything i love them with my family wait they are family!!!!!!!!!!!


from United States email

 hi i have 1 guinea pig his name is steve. but we like to call him piglet.

April Swanson

from United States email

 Hi! I jusy have one guinea pig but I love her to death. She is my baby. My guinea pig daisy won grand champion in our county fair. She is the best

melley belley

from Armenia email

 hey i'm trying to get a guinea pig an i NEED to know the pros and cons of geting one!!! ... and any other info you can give me!!!! <3 Melley Belley

Cavy Lover

from United States email

 Hi! I have two guinea and I love them! If you have a minute, love Guinea pigs, or (like Me) both please stop by


from United States email

 i luv my piggie. lol. i named her wonder because she's a spitting image of the guinea pig on the nick jr. show wonder pets. dont ask, i have 3 little brothers! lol.


from France email

 My Piggy ROX MY SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minnie Me

from Great Britain email

 I have just got 2 guinea pigs and they are 5 weeks old. 1 is called Dennis and the other is Beano. They are brothers and are really cute but mega nervy aswell. I love them to bits and thing guinea pigs are 1 of the best pets to have because they are just simply amazing!


from United States email

 Awesome website, I loved the games! Cool info too!

Eva Kunerth

from United States email

 I'm 10 years old and I have a guinea pig named Snickers. He;s a very nice, good pig.


from Canada email

 I love my Guinea pig!!!!! Shes the most funniset and most lovable pet i've ever had!!!!!!!! even though she bits me allot because of a life she had b4 i got her I love her still soo much!!!


from United States email

 Hi my name is KellyI have a guinea pig thats named Tinker Bell I have alot of questions aabout playing with her and taking care of her properly so she is happy.

Carla Murray-Saldivar

from USA email

 Hello! My four children and I (Destiny, Mikey, Seth and Lilly) absolutely LOVE our two Guinea Pigs "Coco" and "Spike"!!! We adopted them from our local Petco here in Tulsa,Ok and look forward to each opportunity to learn new things about our furry family members. "Coco" is a dark brown/white silky long haired girl. She's laid back and tends to be quiet. "Spike"....well he's just "Spike"!!! He is a rust/white Abyssinian with a personality to match his name and hair do. "Spike" is an extremely vocal guy and loves his Mommy most of all! (Mommy meaning me of course. LOL!!!) Thier favorite game is to crawl under the covers and tunnle around while calling to each other. Well, thank you for letting us share our success story with the rest of you! God Bless, Carla


from email

 I enjoy your site very much! THANK YOUs


from United States email

 i love guinea pigs am 10 years and i want to be a veterneren i love all anamils i get a and b an shcool and i have a guineapig i named sien my brothers trey named his prencas my other named his prencas peach


from United States email

 I agree that your website is the best I'v seen and I'm hoping that my guinea pig will have A woderful life.

Carol and Michael Marek

from Great Britain email

 We told you of our new guinea pig a couple of months ago. Well Porky is now 5 months old and he is gorgeous. He knows all the sounds that might get him some food like the fridge door being opened means salad and the front door means dandelion leaves and he squeaks like mad. I think he is in training for the pig olympics as he runs so fast up and down the hall. Porky is a real darling and we love him to bits

rodelito g. villanueva

from Philippines email

 i have a cavy named tweety, and she's very cute and lovely!


from United States email

 OMG! My mom said if I could keep my room clean for 1 month then I could get 1 but I convinced her to get 2. I no their names. Aphrodite and Lovey(my brother picked that name)(he's only 4). If anybody thinks that Aprodite is a cheasey name, say so and give me more ideas.thnks!