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from Australia email

 i luv guinea pig s does any one hav a rex or dalmation females


from # email

 I think this website is pretty cool . I have a guinnea pig named NIBBLES. She is an 8 mth old long haired female. She is beautifully colored with white, brown and tan patches.I feel i dont have the time to care for her and give her all the attention she needs. I came to this site because of the people on here who love their pets so much. I am looking for a good home for her I feel she would be a great addition to a family who alredy has one or more of these wonderful pets.

makayla park

from United States email

 i love my piggy ...puffy!!!!!!


from United Kingdom email

 hi there. i have brought two new guinea pigs today and i love them very much.


from United States email

 Awwwwwwwwwww! Your pics are sooo cute! luv the site!


from United States email

 I have two female guinea pigs. The full grown one, Sugar, is boring. But Oreo, she's is so funny! Sometimes she stands on her hind legs like a prarie dog, and once she tipped over the hideaway and then just sat in it! But you know what bothers me the most? HAMSTERS!!! People always think that they're better than guinea pigs! Well sure I have the hamsterz life game, so what? It's a fun game.


from Australia email

 I love Guinea Pigs, because they are so fluffy and cute.


from USA email

 My guinea pigs love parsley and dandelion greens and dill! They get this twice a day and my female squeeks really loud when she hears me chopping them up! They are loaded with vitamin C so they do not need supplements. Grover and Gertie are the sweetest guinea's.

Brittany Rice

from Australia email

 I have always wanted a guinea pig but i have to buy the guinea myself and it's like over 200 bucks but guess what i am getting one yay....


from USA email

 I have to guinea pigs they are my babys special my oldest one she is all most 2 years old she is spoled one

Alec Lysak

from Serbia and Montenegro email

 I have a 6 month old Guinea Pig and I love it. this site is great for Guinea Pig owners!


from United States email

 I've been here a few times now. This site is great place for learning all about guinea pigs to make sure that mine will be healthy and happy. Thanks.

sarah gaffney

from Ireland email


riddler villanueva

from Philippines email

 i love my guinea "tweety" coz everytime i visit its cage after a stressful rehearsal in the dance troupe, she always acknowledges my pressence.


from Australia email

 i think guinnea pigs rock

amica norford

from Austria email

 guinea pigs rule

Jo Hillson-Barratt

from New Zealand email

 As a child my Mum was a Guinea Pig breeder , my sister and I spent heaps of time playing in the large runs whilst Mum cleaned them out. As a Mum of 3 preschoolers I am now going to start breeding them too they are fanastic simply wonderful , what a wonderful website this is aimed at all ages .... carry on the excellent work.

Janet McMullen

from United States email

 When we first got our Guinea Pig (Squeek), we didn't know how to care for him. After three years of loveing him and learning about him we have a very happy healthy boy. This is a long term commitment. That is the most important thing new owners need to know. Please don't get one just because the're cute. A Guinea Pig is alot of work.

Allison grundy.

from Canada email



from Papua New Guinea email

 I want a Guinea Pig really bad, and i am trying to convince my dad to get me one. I can't wait!!!