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friends guestbook



from email

 Hello. Very interesting site. I love it.

callie , lolliepop and cheeky

from United Kingdom email

 i love my guinea pigs they are so cute cause lolliepop is black orange and white and has hair like triangles and cheeky is blonde and is very sweet!!!!!


from Japan email

 I am getting a guinea-pig tomorrow for my daughters 7th birthday. This site was really helpful research. Thanks.

kelsey and baby

from United States email

 GUINEA PIGS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


from United States email

 My Guinea Pig is named Baby.


from United States email

 guinea pigs are so cute!!!!


from Australia email

 Hi yall i have two guinea pigs so cute there names flow and scrufful there my babies and i do not live on a farm by the way see yall


from Canada email

 i love guinea pigs


from Antarctica email

 Hey there people I love our two guinea pigs they are so sweet fluffy and cuddles. I recomend guinea pigs to anyone!! as they make great pets. thanx guys at Guinea pigs club you have helped us a heap. xxxxx


from USA email

 I love the way my guinea pig plays


from Australia email

 this is the best website I have ever been on and I have my own guinea pig called Tessa and she is the cutist thing ever and I am madly in love with guinea pigs and horses!

Daniel C

from United States email

 How do we join the Club? Our Guinea Pigs, Bob and Hershey, want to join!


from Australia email

 i love guinea pigs im getting my first ever guinea pig pet tomorrow i love this website and its realy helped me find out how to look after a pet guinea pig thnxs ~ashy~


from United States email

 I just got a Guinea pig & this site has been very helpful. Thanks.


from # email

 omg this is the best site ever.keep rocken

kiara castillo

from United States email

 I have a guinea pig called Miss.Piggy and she is 3 years old.She is my baby.

kiara castillo

from United States email

 guinea pigs are so cute.


from United Kingdom email

 i got my Guinea pig yeastday i need soe help

Jackie Martin

from United States email

 Guinea Pigs are the Best!!


from United States email

 I can't wait till my guniea pig gets to have her babys thnk you for leting me sign the gustbook.x x x x