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from United States email

 Hi i love guinea pigs i have four their names are Cleefa, Chocolate, Linoone, Heshe and Cleefa had Heshe and Chocolate. They are great! I love this club and have fun with all of your guinea pigs!

victoria S

from United Kingdom email

 i think this guineapig club is so amazing! i really love guineapigs, i think they're sooooo cute! i have 2 guineapigs at home called Mitzi & Cherry! I want to buy one of these t-shirts that you are offering, they are sooooooooo cool! My best friend Adam loves guineapigs too! We are both fanatical about them, yay!


from Australia email

 i think guinea pigs are the best in the world.i am 11 and have two . i love your website and the games. ps .ginea pigs rule


from United States email

 This is my first guinnea pig


from United States email

 Hey!! i really wanna get another guinea pig. if anyone needs to get rid of one. email me at so yeah ttyl

amamda gagan

from United States email

 I Love Guinea Pigs, Sometimes I act like one. I have 1 shirt w/ a guinea pig on it. I want to get my own Guinea pig someday, but for now, i have a hamster, turtle and dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amanda Guinea pig. Can i join your club???

Gage freeman

from USA email

 I have a beautiful guinea pig named Sophie. She is black, tan, and white, with a spunky personality. I have had a love for guinea pigs for many years and I would like to join your fan club.

cathleen b meyer

from United States email

 My daughter bought me my very first guinea pig most of time I have Rat or Hamsters. Was the best present she ever bought me. Teddie is the best thing i ever have had. He has such a personality and is the love of my life he just turned 2 years old. all my friends say WE know who runs this house haha. he is very bossy this is for sure. wouldnt have it any other way. Love him love him


from American Samoa email

 i need help i think my guinea pig is sick and i need your help because i dont know what is wrong with him please responed to my quistion as soon as posible. Thanks Dasha


from USA email

 I now own a guinea pig!


from Australia email

 I think that guinea pigs are the coolest animal in the world

Milly sturgess

from United Kingdom email

 Guinea pig club is so cool it totaly rocks. my guinea pig is called all the people that have guinea pigs then they rock.


from United States email

 Wow, this is by far one of the best Cavy sites I have seen! I previously just got my guinea pig Samantha, and this has really helped me. Thanks!


from United States email

 I just bought my daughter a guinea pig - never having one myself. I love this website and will be back. THANKS!


from Ireland email

 I think this is an amazing site. I really enjoy it! I'm on it every day looking and reading aboout Guinea Pigs!!Thankyou so much for making it because I have 5 Guinea Pigs and this site has helped me alot!


from United States email

 WOW! What a FUN, INTERESTING, and INFORMATIVE web site for guinea pig lovers! :) Please keep up the GREAT work. Your site has everything a cavy fan could want. I'll be coming back to check things out regularly. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your imaginative, creative, and educational website ~ and for all the hours of hard work you spent in making it happen!


from United Kingdom email

 I love this club its amazing beautiful and gorgeous and fabulous darling. I have a guineapig called choclate he is whie,brown and dark brown different types of brother cameron(mosher) has a guineapig named james motgomery (jimmy for short).So i'll wrie to you all soon and my saying! go guineapigs it's your birthday were gunna party like it guinea pig day huurrray.go guineapigs.bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jette carr

from Bahamas email

 this is cool i used 2 have a guinea pig and his name was baby cakes so yea


from United States email

 I love your website!!! And my guinea pig.......... Coconut!!!!!


from # email

 i love guinea pigs!!!!! Hey I have 4 guinea pigs! 2 had 4 babies but one baby died cause it wasnt healthy. the other baby when i was like 5 months old then i had 2 give him away. I love my guinea pigs sooo much i dont know how can i live without them!!!!!