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from United States email

  I <3 Guinea Pigs soooooooooo much!!! I have 2 of them, (Muffin and Punkin) and they are FAT, SOFT, and they are extremely SASSY and LOVE alot of fruits and Veggies! I LOVE it when they purr and Popcorn when I let them down to play/exercise! NeW gUiNeA pIg OwNeRs: remember to let your guinea piggy excersise every day for about 30 minutes, and DON'T ever give them tomatoes, potatoes, lemons,or limes, and TRY to fatten your precsious baby up!


from United States email

  The reason why guinea pigs "chirp" or as we say "weak" at humans, is their way of saying that they're hungry, mad, uncomfortable or they are telling you that they don't like the way you are petting or holding them. p.s. I am 11 years old, but I have had ALOT of experience when it comes to Guinea Pigs! they are my FAVORITE animal!!! I have 2 of them. 2 girls. Muffin, (my oldest) and Punkin. I got Muffin when I was 8 yrs. old, and I got Punkin this summer because my old guinea pig Cuppie died. :( ~Ang

libby olcott

from USA email

 i llllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee my guinea pig so much that hair ball


from United States email

 cute site... well hate to prove you wrong... but my 3 1/2 year old daughter handles our rabbits really well (we have Flemish Giants and English Lops) she actually shows them at rabbit shows... it all in how you raise your kids I think ;) We have to GP's and the 3 1/2 year old got her first GP saturday and called her sweetiepie... carriers her everywhere... they're the best little critters... Why do they chirp at us humans.. is it love????


from email

 Id prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting!


from United States email

 i have two guinea pigs named Baby and Peanut Butter. Both are ladys.


from United States email

 I have two guinea pigs of my own. They are bo9th two years old and will be three in april. I am only 12 years old but i know guinea pigs are the animals for me. My mother hates the guinea pigs so i have to take care of them on my own. i love them very much but sometimes it is hard for me to leave them when we go on very ong trips. My mom says they will be fine. I am always still afraid that i will come home and one or both will be dead. if anyone has any advice on what to do when leaving your guinea pigs, please post it on this site and i will be very pleased. I need help. My mom does not provide that . She does pay for the stuff though. I have written a lot so that way it will be most noticable and more people will give me advice thank you very much to those who have advice. Grace


from United Kingdom email

 Hi I got 2 guinea pigs called Dumbo (my 3 year old cuzun named it) and Rusty, they fight all the time.


from United States email

 my guinea pig is so cute and fluffy

alison forde

from Great Britain email

 hi i have 28 guineapigs i love we show and breed we have abbys rexs teddys sheltis roans and smooth we love them all


from USA email

 hi guinea pig lovers. i too am one. got a cute one named fergie i adopted yesterday. i love him already as well as my 3 yr old. many yrs ago i owned one but home was burgularized and my guinea was poisoned. that was a sad note, but now we have fergie and 2 hamsters and life is sweet in the animal kingdom.wanna be real animal pals?


from Australia email

 I own 15 vg pigs thay all rock!

francesca knight

from New Zealand email

 aaaw don't u just love guinea pigs i used to have 2 but 1 died and now i only have one (waaaa waaaa waaaa waaaaa waaaaaa) its a real big shame thuogh ive bean with her 4 five yrs !!!! but i still go Adora and shes only 1 aaaaaaah shes so cute !!!!!

Keith Ryan

from United States email

 I have two piggys and a prarie dog. I have put them in the same cage and there has not been any problem. Is it alright to do this?


from USA email

 Hi ! My name is Ben. I have two guinea pigs named Cinnamon and Pepper. Pepper is mine and I share Cinnamon with my brothers.They love to eat sugar snap peas,salad ,carrots and celery.They talk to me all the time as soon as I walk into their room.

carly rae

from United States email

 i have two guineapigs and they are so cute there names are ramond and oscar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Olivia Garcia

from USA email

 I am Special Education student in San Antonio, Texas. I really love Guinea Pigs!

kimberly whited

from United States email



from United States email

 Hello guinea pigs club.I'm from Walnut Grove,Alabama.My guinea pig sparky is about to turn 2.He was born in Febuary 14 2006.I love him so much.


from Philippines email

 Hi i wanna own a guinea pig