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friends guestbook



from USA email

 OMG!!!! I love your site!!! My freind & I love it!!

bailey moore

from United States email

  I have one guinea pig! His name is Harry. I love him soooooooo much! i had one question why do you guys take them outside????


from England email

 I have 7 guinea pigs. yippee!


from USA email

 I just got a piggy and she is 9 weeks old her name is fudge. she is sooo sweet and this is my first piggy and im sooo happy. when i'm older i wan't a whole lot of piggys. I might get another my mom said i can when fudge is a little bit older but my dad isn't really sure yet!!! lol


from United States email

 I finally got a new guinea pig! I haven't had one since Milkyway died 2 Christmases ago. My new one's name is still being debated, though I think I'll name him Snowball (original name before my brother made sure she was a she.... she was a he)


from England email

 I LOVE animals so much, i have 9 of my own, i have a dog (collie x), a snake (milk snake) and 7 guinea pigs (not to mention a pregnant one who is bound to give birth any time now)


from United Kingdom email

 i have 1 guinea pig called tufty she is brown with a white tuft! i love her soo much!


from USA email

 do guinea pigs get along with hedgehogs?

annette willis

from United Kingdom email

 we have 6 little porkers,2 males[brothers] and 4 females[two are sisters].one femail chews one males hair so he looks like a bottle brush instead of dougal the dog[magic roundabout]!!!!


from USA email

 I want a guinea so bad!(Even though I have 3)

Lola Parker

from USA email

 I have 107 guineas. The record!!!!!!!

Kira Hay

from Australia email

 I have 92 guinea pigs. I own three acres of land so my guineas can run around.


from Guinea email

 Greetings. I am Addy. I live in Guinea. I raise Guinea Pigs on a ranch. I own over 75 Guinea Pigs. They don't sell many here in Guinea so I had over half of them imported from around the world. This Website really helped me overcome my sadness of my Guinea Pig JOJO dying.

Hiara Norman

from Argentina email

 I got 3 guinea pigs yesterday. I have 10 in all.

Amy Shank

from Chile email

 I have 13 guinea pigs now!!!

Mierza Kolferedo

from Russia email

 I so love animals.(Not to mention, I have 10!)I have 3 Pugs, 2 turtles, 3 fish, and 2 guinea pigs. See Ya!

Cammy Jalenson

from Bahamas email

 Yo!I am from the Bahamas. It rocks there. They sell guinea pigs at huts everywhere.I have twelve. Their names are Sadey, Barley, Catalina, Karma, Berma, Belma, Rainy Day,Holyman, Frumpsina, Hally, Berry, and Lomberta. Pretty odd names huh? ...Peace Out!

Ashley Marie Deason

from United States email

 I absolutely love my guinea pig Gus! He is the cutest thing. I am entering him in a show at the Karcher Mall this week if you want to come. This website rocks!


from United States email

 I love Guinea pigs!!


from USA email

 i have 2 guineapigs!i love them SOOOO much!