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friends guestbook



from Australia email

 hi im Amber, my friend breanna has had hundreds of guinea pigs for years, 10 months ago (may) i got 3 big ones, i got bord of them so i set them free, but she whent on holidays 2 days ago so i am baby sitting 4, 3 babys an a mum, i fell in love so today mum saiad i can have the babys and take care of the mum till they are 6 weeks old i named thjem Chocolate, Pudding and snow ball my others were named mini,milo and pepper! the problem is how often do I bath them? I love gps and this cool club


from United States email

 I LOVE guinea pigs I have one thats named Pumpkin. He was rescued off of the road. I bought him at our local animal shelter. I love him SOOOO much!!!


from United States email

 I love guineapig's!They are so cool and fluffy and they are like the cutest things you have ever seen.


from United States email

 I just got 2 guinea pigs!They R so cute!!!! One is a dark grey with neat white streaks and her name in Peppa. the other one is a black and brown one with funny hair.Her name is tootsie>They both soooo cute!!

Jackie Gare

from United Kingdom email

 I wanted to join your club but it won't accept my username or password, what am I doing wrong The site look great.

makayla m

from United States email

 my gp is the most awsome of all it is so kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


from United States email

 Happy Easter!!I LUV guinea pigs!! I made my pig a huge salad and he ate it in a matter of minutes!! =) Cavies are soo CaHute!!


from Israel email

 hi! I have two male pigs-timmy & tommy , and they are soooooooo cute! I just ADORE them!


from United States email

 The Guinea Pig Legend: My friend's Tess and David (twins) bought two guinea pigs named Olivia and Shelby. They didn't know that when they bought them, Shelby was already pregnant. Then Shelby had 3 babies, Sally, Gordy, and Jackie. Then she gave Sally to me. I already had a Guinea pig named Poppy. Petco told us Poppy was a girl but really he was a boy who accidentally got Sally pregnant. Now his name is Felix. so then Sally had 2 babies named Esther and Gregory-Henery-Herbert. i had to give one away so I gave Gregory-Henery-Herbert to one of my bffs, Zach. Then we got Felix nuitered. So I have 3 guinea pigs, Sally, Felix, and Esther. I also have 2 hermit crabs, a cat, and a chihuahua. that is 7 pets. I love animals soo much. Zach wants to breed Gregory-Henery-Herbert and my other friend nora wants to breed her guinea pig snickers, so the legend of the guinies may go on!


from Nepal email

 I have a Pet Guinea pig who is really cute and playful. I named my Guinea Pig " Jerry" after the mouse in the "Tom & Jerry" Cartoon. :)


from United States email

 I LOVE guinea pigs! I`ve had them for years! They are so cute!!

Olivia Boyle

from Guinea email

 my guinea pigs the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so funny but he eats so much lettuce is that good for him?????? because i don't want to over feed him he loves it his name is calvin

Guinea pig lover

from Australia email

 Hi I love your website, I have two guinea pigs Cindy and fatty (Milly) I love them both soooooooo much. My best friend and I are crazy in love with our guinea pigs. I have beign wanting I guinea pig for a while and when I got some this website was soooo help full and I love this site.

Amber Canes

from Argentina email

 I own 75 guinea pigs in my garage. that is where i keep them. it is awesome!!!


from United States email

 i have a guinea pig named piggy (how origional)


from USA email

 I am so happy to get this new letter , it helps me with my guinea pigs. I have three boys and their mom.


from United States email

 I love gps and i have one and she's really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

kyiarne low

from Australia email

 i like guinea pigs coz they are cute and small i once had one but it is dead now


from United States email

 my guinea pig rocks harder than a monster truck running over a clown car


from United States email

 i am thinking to breed my guinea pig so i can have a living reminder of them ,but all the sites i go to say different times i should breed them.When would be the best time i should breed them,i really need help?!?