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friends guestbook


Elizabeth Fannin

from USA email

 I love your site i was just fiddlin around one day .and i found guinea pigs club .com. i have a guinea pig of my own her name is lil, porkie and she is a doll!!! she gave birth to 2 healty sows ones cuey and ones spots i love them so much i just love your site ill be sure to visit again soon!!!


from United Kingdom email

 Did you know that when a guineapig is taken away from their mum to soon they will act different, like my guineapig Daisy.


from United States email

 i have a hamster and i want a ginuea pig so badly but i cant get one until my hammie moves on :(

Sarah Smith

from United States email

 I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY GUINEA PIG, POP TART LOVES THIS SITE TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!=)

Donna V

from United States email

 Guinea pigs are the best. My last one just died 2 months ago. I had him 6 years, he was the last of 7 that I had. The first one started out as a pet for my son . I found them to be such great pets I got another soon they stated multiplying.They make good pets for children. My grandchildren loved them.


from United States email

 This site is soooooo awsome! I have two guinea pigs myself.


from USA email

 I LOVE GUINEA PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


from United States email

 Hi - I live near Orlando in Oviedo Florida. I am in need of a vet for our piggie. He has an abscess on his front foot. We have had him to the vet 3 times and it has gone from black to blue but is not healing. Don't know what vet to trust now. Can anyone recommend a vet in Central florida for piggies or suggest how to find a vet? I spent 1 1/2 hours at Banfield pet hospital last night for the Dr to tell me sorry - I don't know anything about piggies then he tried to pick him up by his neck like a kitten. I had to make him let go - piggie was screaming! Can anyone help?


from United States email

 I have a guinea pig named Mr. Cuddles and I love my Piggie and all other Piggies! Go Pigs!


from USA email

 I love guinea pigs I used to have four when I was little but I want to get some more. I have this friend who know this one person Who has nine guinea pigs and they buy one or two guinea pigs a day! I want 2 guineas and I'm going to name them Pumpkin and Banana. :)


from Canada email

 i luv guinea pigs! mine is so C-U-T-E cute!!!!!!!!!


from Great Britain email

 i love guinea pigs and i always will


from United States email

 Guinea Pigs Club is great! I have a similar website called GPC and its still not as awesome as Guinea Pigs Club! <:-) Keep rockin'! GPCgirl\^^/

Guinea Pig Breeanna

from United States email

 I love guinea pigs! I have one and I love these games!

Jowan Slaugter

from United Kingdom email

 Guinea pig club is great! I can't belive I can play your games for free!


from Australia email

 Hi i love guinea pigs and i love this site my guinea pigs name is patch she is adorable but i might be getting a boy or a girl soon i know girl names but if i get a boy i cant think of a name to call him emial me if you have any ideas!

guinea pig lady

from United States email

 I run a guinea pig rescue and I love being able to find forever homes for these cute little critters. I have 2 of my own.

Melissa and Daisy

from USA email

 The guinea pigs club is sooo cool but I can't figure out how to use the site. Melissa and Daisy

kimberley millington

from England email

 I love guinea pigs so much

Guinea pig lover

from Australia email

 I love this website so much and well I am gettin a long haired guinea pig, well if I am alowd!!!!!!!