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victoria f

from England email

 i have 2 very cheeky guinea pigs

Allisha Patel

from USA email

 Guinea pigs rock/rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mollie Gillard

from United Kingdom email

 2nd July 2008 Hi im Mollie, 8 years old, and just joined! In 2 weeks im getting 2 Guinea pigs and I just can't wait! Have 3 friends who have one and there giving me all the invise I need! Couse I've gotta cat (Lightning) I have to be SUPER carefull!

grace radburn

from Australia email

 guineapigsrck! i have 10 of them


from United States email

 I have 2 beautiful guinea piggies. My sow, Lily, is a mixed breed with a mixture of white, brown and black. She's about 7-8 months. The newest guinea pig is an abyssinian with brown and black mixed on it's body with a white stripe down it's face. It's 3 weeks old. I have yet ti determine if it's a male or female as it's so young and very hard to tell.

tommy h.

from United States email

 I have 5 cavies all sows, each of them have their own unique personality. Maggie is my first and one day I came home from work to find 3 more little piggies in her cage, little did I know when I got Maggie from the pet shop she was pregnant. lol. so that leaves me with Marnie, cinnamon, and paisely. And then there is my most favorite Lollie,she is a smooth hair black,white and tan.shes my buddy she loves to play on the computer with me.


from American Samoa email

  Hi I`m Maggie and I think this is so cool ! I hope the guinea pig club will keep on 4 ever !!! I wanted one ! - Maggie


from United Kingdom email



from Canada email

 I have a beautiful guinea pig named Mozart. She will be one next month. She is extremely smart and beautiful. She is a smooth-hair with big black eyes. Also she has a habit of purring when she hears music that appeals to her. She is very unique and I love her.

guinea piggy

from Venezuela email

 guinea pigs are cuteeee


from Australia email

 This Web Site is Very Very VERY Great


from United States email

 Hiii guys i love this website!! I have two guinea pigs lucy and cinnamon!!


from United States email

 I have a boar named Charlie and my friend has a sow. We were thinking of breeding them but i wanted to know if Charlie's sone would get along with him. Thanks, Charly

rodel of pangkat

from Philippines email

 I love my guinea pigs! They are very cute and adorable!

not going to tell

from United States email

 i have 1 guinea pig his name is wilber he's three colors brown,white,black hes my best friend

Holly Yeoman

from New Zealand email

 i think guineapigs are so cute. our ones are really cuddley and they'talk' to us .one is called Frazzy and he is a balck and tan abbinisian guinea pig and we have another one calle Houndini and he is grey and white american guinea pig. they love to play follow the leader round the edge of the kitchen and they poo heaps.we have a rabbit called Popcorn hes a flemish giant cross angora. I THINK YOUR WEBSITE IS AWESOME!


from United States email

 I have 3 Guinea pigs and my new one still has her baby fur she is on my shoulder right now

James Hunter

from United States email

 I have got 3 guienea bye.I Looooooooooooooooove them.


from Australia email

 i luv guinea pigs alot! i have 1!


from United States email

 So....your piggie died? I'm very sry for anyone that can say that, but to make sure it doesn't happen again go to and click on guinea pigs, go to the shoutbox, ask your question and I will probably be able to answer you the same day! I am extremely educated in piggies and know about illnesses and would love to help!