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friends guestbook



from email

 Hi, I just got a guinea pig today. im SO exited.I named him Doc from back to the future cause he has big bushy white eyebrows.Bye.


from email

 i just lost my guinea pig 2 days ago really miss him a little buddy like no other


from email

 hi i have a guinea pig called black beauty and my brother has one called lola

amy lane

from email

 I am soooo crazy i have 37 guinea pigs yay me


from email

 i hav no guinea pigs from me


from United Kingdom email

 I have recently lost my pet guinea pig Bart, as you might have seen in the guestbook, but I'd just like to say thanks for the helping get over death pages, they really helped. It made me realise that I'm not crazy to grieve so much!

Mary Kelsey

from United States email

 I have 3 cavies - a mommy and 2 baby girls. Violet, Ruby and Clover. We thought we purchased a male for my son, but we were mistaken, and she had four piglets. My best friend took the 2 males and we kept the girls. My son and I love our new pets.


from USA email

 guinea pigs rock


from United States email

 i have one guinea pig her name is emily. she is cute as she can be . i just cant wait till she finds a boy friend and has babies.


from United States email

 I love guinea pigs!!!!!! all types so when my friend asked if i wanted hers all i needed was to say yes. the poor thing. it had gerbal and hamster food as pelets and its water bottle had mud in it. but now it has a big cage clen water bottle with water hay and no flees


from England email

 i am getting one guinea pig on 09.08.08 and i am realy looking forward to getting my very own pet along with my mums and my sisters. i love this site and if my mum and dad lets me i am going to join.....ty bye.

Bianca Jones

from United Kingdom email

 Nice website! I have 22 Guinea Pigs, so youve done a great job!


from England email

 i have 3 guinea pigs they are sooo cute they are called:wilma winnie and wendy biggest to smallest ! if eny of you love guinea pigs like me email

lauren etheridge

from United Kingdom email

 i luv guinea pigs, i had two but salt died, but i still hav pepper, and he's soooooooo cute


from New Zealand email

 Guinea pigs are just sooooo cute I have two guinea pigs called Popcorn and Peanut!!! Recently Peanut [the shy one] has come out of his shell from the frequent handling, yummy food, and attention !!!!! Go Peanut !!!


from United States email

 i have an guineapig named piglett he is cute ilove guineapigs their my favorite animal


from United Kingdom email

 I love guinea pigs. I have 2 males - Squeaker and Fred. Squeaker is so shy but Fred is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE!! XD I love this site it's soo cool!!


from United States email

 Hi, I'm joining soon. I love guinea pig! I just got my parents to agree on letting them in my room. I want to be able to take care of them better. hopefully this will help.


from United Kingdom email

 I have 2 girl guinea pigs and they are called Buttercup and Bramble. Bramble is a gingery browny colour and buttercup well... looks like a buttercup!!!!!!!!!


from Austria email

 i really like this web but more games woulad make it better